Sunday, February 9, 2014

What is Dora Festival

There was a king who has 7 Daughters.  The King was very proudly.  One day he ask him all daughters one by one how our people eat food in our country.  Six sister reply that you give them and they eat.  But one daughter replies that they work hard and eat food.  From this answer king very angry but he not shown his angriness. 

.The king search good boys for his six daughters but he order his Ministers and officers for search a poor boy for his seventh daughter.  Soon he find a poor and Smart guy for his daughter.  He visit his house and order him for marriage with his daughter. The boy request the king that He have no money and only live a small shelter for living i have very less food and earning how can i survive.  Please forgive me I’m unable to marry your daughter.  you should marry your daughter to someone else.  but king refuse his application and ask him that Boy You should come to my place after one month with your relatives for marriage.  You should full rights for visit kings house with his unlimited relatives. 
            The boy is full faithful to Lord Shiva.  In his trouble he start pray to Shiva lord for help and forget food and water.  Lord Shiva Pleased and come across him and tell him for his wish.  The boy told him his story.  The lord Shiva Order his subordinates Devtas(other Gods that is in counting is 33 Millions).  That every one invited of marriage and give gift One Gold Coin to Boy As Gift.  With This Gift the boy build his house and good clothes for himself and his newly would be wife.  All the gods change himself in common man and reached at King's house for marriage. 
            There One god God Shani and God Mangle that is in face of small boys weeping loudly.  The king asks both children what happening? they weeping and tell king that they are hungry.  The king orders his servant for food for children.  One by one both children eat whole food that make for Guest of marriages.  When King came to know that all food is finished king is very sad.  One king's Minister Ask king for feel sorry to boy and one of old man that is Lord Shiva.  When king feel sorry lord Shiva forgive him and tell him that take wheat and make chapatti’s churi(A special preparation that is make with chapattis Of Milo(Jwar)) put him in a big pot cover with cloth and tied it with one Dora(cloth Rope) and distribute to Guest That days is money Of Feburary (Indian Month Magh).  All the Guest take full food still there is full food in that pot. 
            From that day all the Bahawalpury Community Celebrate this festival and Lord Shiva give all the Families his blessing from that all the families get sufficient for his lives. 


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